Worthy Causes

These organisations are doing some some amazing work in this world and are here to be recognised and supported. At Sunscape we create a fantastical world for you to enjoy a couple of days a year. These organisations work hard all year round so that when you return back to your life from the festival, you will have a better place to live in. We would like to offer the biggest respect and support from the Sunscape Family.


The Gaia FoundationNew logo - Gaia

The Gaia Foundation was established in 1994 as a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization in Malta. Taking its name from the Mother Earth in the Greek Mythology, The Gaia Foundation’s mission is centered on the interconnectivity between all life on the Earth. Furthermore, the main focus of the organization is on working towards harmony, social and environmental justice for all creatures.

Key Activities
  • Coastal area conservation including beach management, habitat restoration, patrols and monitoring (Olympus);
  • Ecological restoration of habitats through planting of endemic and indigenous trees, propagated in Gaia’s tree and shrub nursery. Sale of trees and shrubs/ Adopt a Tree. (Elysium);
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture through the management of two organic olive groves and assisting farmers to convert to organic farming methods. Sale of the organic olive oil produced from the two groves. (Athene);
  • Environmental information dissemination and awareness raising (Hermes);
  • Operating the Elysium visitor centre at Ghajn Tuffieha, opening the Ghajn Tuffieha Watchtower and running the Ramla I-Hamra Information Centre to promote the Gaia vision (Apollo).


Why Not ?

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 14.50.48Why Not’s? mission is to Raise The Vibration Of Our Planet! The deepest yearning of every human being is to find happiness and contentment in life. Why Not’s? vision is to make this happen; to make this world, our world, a better place for all and to share the joy of being alive.

As a first principle towards the accomplishment of this goal we have adopted Ghandi’s words: ‘Be the Change you want to See in the World’!!

It is evident that life, consciousness and society are fast evolving. We share the call with so many like us to be the change, we so much want to see in our society …and in doing so we show the way forward.

Awareness of Self in the Present Moment… Is the key!   

We address this in fun-tangible ways that people can easily relate to. We have created and are constantly nurturing a steady platform on which individuals, groups or organisations are freely offered the opportunity to promote their vision. There is so much being accomplished by so many people all focusing on the light. Our role is to build bridges and nourish similarities and in so doing embrace life as more and more opportunities are created for people to find their true essence, follow their hearts and discover their passion.