Hey! Thanks for choosing to help co create Sunscape Festival 2017. Supporters are an essential part of the crew so thank you for your consideration. There are various options available suitable for each person’s skill and availability.

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Sunscape Festival is running over 3 days and nights  of music, arts and lifestyle. It is a turning point for Maltese events and your help is needed to bring co creation and collaboration alive in the festival’s heart. The line up is a local and international roster ranging from house and techno to drum & bass, electroswing, psy, reggae and Alternative / experimental. We have participants coming from all over the globe, giving diversity and character to the audience. Your uniqueness and skills can compliment this by bringing flair and efficiency to the crew!

Supporter Benefits & Opportunities

Satori Healing Fields Crew

Learn about various healing modalities. Assist crew in the running and upkeep of the area.

Decorator Crew

Decorate, paint and contribute to overall experience of the festival.

Volunteer Coordination

Assist with volunteer check-in, check-out and distribution of volunteers throughout the entire venue.

Information Booth

Information Booth Volunteers will distribute the program guides and answer questions for our guests.

Food & Beverage Crew

VolunteersMangoesAssist in the efficient running of the bars, restaurant and kitchen. Previous experience or a food handling certificate may be required for some positions

Stage Hands

Assist in the smooth running of the stages. A/V knowledge is welcome.

Camp Site Crew

Assist in the setup, upkeep and security of the campsite.

Benefits for Healing Fields, Decorator, Volunteer Coordination, Information Booth, Food & Beverage, Stage Hands, Campsite Crew: (Every shift is equal to 4 hours of work)

1 shifts = 2016 Festival 1 Day Pass

2 shifts = 2016 Festival 2 Day Pass

3 shifts = 2016 Festival Weekend Pass

Note: Most supporter positions available are for a minimum of two shifts. Volunteers may not work on more than one committee during the event.

Green Team

Green Team (Sustainability) volunteers will be responsible for educating attendees about how to ‘put waste in its place’. Volunteers will be positioned at waste recovery stations throughout the event spaces to ensure attendees are placing trash, compostable and recyclable materials in the correct bins. Green Team volunteers will receive training from the Sustainability Manager prior to their shift.

Benefits for Green Team:

2 shifts = 2016 Festival 2 Day Pass

3 shifts = 2016 Festival Weekend Pass including Camping Pass

6 shifts = 2 x 2016 Festival Weekend Passes including Camping Pass

Wardens & Safety Team

Safety Team volunteers are on hand as a presence rather than as a force to interact with the attendees to help maintain a safe environment. Safety Team volunteers work together with our professional security company. They are the eyes and ears that help to keep the event safe. NOTE: no sampling or tasting of drinks is allowed while working on this team.

Benefits for Safety Team:

2 x 2016 day tickets per shift

Set-up and Tear-Down

All skill levels welcome! Includes both production, logistics and merchandise assistance. Setup will start 11th July 2016 Tear-down will take place on the 25th July 2016

Set-Up Benefits

Each Set-Up shift = 1 ticket (1 shift=4 hours of work)

Monday – Friday

2 shifts = Two 2016 or 2017 tickets

4 shifts = Four 2016 or 2017 tickets

6 shifts = Six 2016 or 2017 tickets including Camping Pass

8 shifts = Eight 2016 or 2017 tickets including Camping Pass


1 shift = One 2016 or 2017 ticket including Camping Pass

Tear-Down Benefits

Each Tear-Down shift = Two tickets for 2017 including Camping Pass

So what do you need to do?

  1. Fill in the supporter application form with your details so that your application can be considered. Please attach a digital photo with your application form so we can put a face to the name!
  2. Give yourself the best advantage by returning your form asap
  3. The supporter coordinator may contact applicants to arrange an interview
  4. Suitability will lead to a confirmed offer of placement, an interview or a sorry you were not successful this time.
  5. Do your 12 hours (4 hours a day or equivalent) and get them signed off by your coordinator on your timesheet as you go.
  6. ENJOY the festival!
Terms and Conditions
  • The volunteer scheme is in exchange for a festival ticket.
  • Food and drink will only be provided for setup/tear down volunteers only. Others will need to bring their own food/drink or a range of food and drink will be on sale during the festival.
  • All volunteers must provide their own accommodation (tent or local hotel room/boat/floor/bus) and transport to and from the festival.
  • It gets HOT in Malta so please bring sun protection in the form of long sleeved tops and hats, just in case!
  • Volunteers must be fluent in English!
  • When on the site you agree to abide by the festival’s environmental policy, take responsibility for your own safety, belongings and rubbish, respect the safety and belongings of others, and follow sensible health and safety procedures.
  • Failure to fulfil your volunteer obligations, e.g. not turning up for a shift, or not abiding by the environmental policy may result in termination of your volunteer services, whereby your wristband will be deactivated and you will be required to pay for a full price festival ticket!

You may view our Environmental policy here . Contact e-mail: info@sunscapefestival.eu

Supporter ApplicationBecome a Supporter