ACCESS ALL AREAS: Sunscape 2017 Area Guide
22 Jun 2017

ACCESS ALL AREAS: Sunscape 2017 Area Guide

22 Jun 2017

Take Gozo’s most impressive beach, add music, art and fun-loving people, blend for three days and you get Sunscape Festival.

The ingredients of Sunscape Festival 2017 are already brewing. On the 7-8-9 July you can enjoy 12 unique areas of music, creativity, colour and conscious personal development at Ramla Bay in Gozo.

Sunscape 2017 sees over sixty acts across three main music stages and a new performing arts stage. Furthermore, you can relish several workshops and holistic treatments in the Satori healing fields, shop away at three colourful markets and enjoy deliciousness at the food market. And there is also the beach to revel in, of course!

Begin your journey of exploration and discovery.  Choose your adventure.

Festival map

Reflections stage

The Reflections stage is the largest music stage at Sunscape. It brings you some of the top local and international bands and DJs of various genres, including World Music, Ethnic, Dub, Psy Dub and House music.

The Reflections stage kicks off on Friday at 6pm with Mundo Muzika, Antojn Karuna & Nik X Conti Live, Flow, Ott, The Nakara Project DJ set and In Spirit DJ set. On Saturday, 6pm sees the start of another amazing line-up with Luca, Twain, Loui G, Nick Slim B2B Mark Harrison and Tube & Berger.

Nautilus stage

Nautilus is known for its high-powered handmade Island Rocker Sound System. At the Nautilus stage, expect a wonderful selection of Dub, Reggae, DnB, Jungle and everything in between.

The Nautilus stage kicks off on Friday at 5pm with the Bass Culture & FDM Crew Showcase featuring  Earth Rocker, Depth, Volume A, Mist, Bass Culture and Radikal Guru Live. On Saturday, from 6pm, with the Rootz Island & MIB Crew Showcase featuring the line-up begins with Salted Dread, Jon Roy, DJ Onns, Pon Di Corner Live, Spirit Bomb Live, General Levy and Jahh Roland B2B Naxon. On Sunday, from 2pm, with  a Hedon Crew Showcase and from 4 pm with the UJ / DV on Tour Showcase featuring  The Wobis Duo, Tiffany, Puis B2B Cluett, UJ / DV, Luca B2B Bengy and a special B2B session from midnight to close.

The Big Bang stage

The Big Bang is perched at the top of the site, overlooking the entire festival and the beach. It remains a favourite with Sunscapers, as it almost has a life of its own. The Big Bang is the place to go to to go a bit wilder.  It hosts a legendary opening party on Friday by Duncan F featuring a variety of electronic music from electroswing to happy, groovy house.  On Saturday its all about Psy Ambient, Psy Dub, Psy Trance and Progressive Psy Trance. On Sunday it closes the festival with some reggae, jungle & DNB.

The Big Bang stage kicks off on Friday at 6.30pm with Deejay Bee, Bobz, Drury, Moose x Alex Thomson and Duncan F. On Saturday, the official lineup begins at 4pm with Anther, Cygna Live, Ott Live, Bynomial, Moodshifter, Soul Kontakt, Mikko M and Acid Tester. From 9am on Sunday, the lineup includes Twisted Nature, Interconnekted Live, Alpha Centauri, Rod Minus, Crnorizec Hrabar, Truth Seeker, Truth Seeker, Belights, Jay Rilez and Urban Warfare Crew.

The Black Hole

Discover the power of light and colour! Rafaelle Labro is the magician who transforms the black void into hypnotic, living art. Live UV performances utilise movement to embody the intangible. Join the tribe with UV face and body paint and become part of the art. This UV lounge overlooking the festival grounds is also a wonderfully psychedelic chill out area.

The Hive

The Hive is a new stimulating space that inspires creativity and connections. It celebrates imagination and playfulness with live experiential art, exhibitions, installations, slacklining and workshops by local and international artists.

The Hive hosts The Core Stage – a new performing arts stage, the enigmatic and magical Fun House, the Zen Lounge chillout area, an Artisan Market and the Food Market.

The Core stage

The Core of The Hive is the heart of performing arts at Sunscape. A new addition for 2017, art performances and jam sessions will run throughout the festival, including a dramatic late night programme to tantalise and inspire.

The Fun House

Also a new addition for Sunscape 2017, The Fun House celebrates serendipity. The established way, the quickest way or the known way is not necessarily the most interesting or the most wonderful. The Fun House offers opportunities to explore the hidden, unravel the puzzle and experience chance encounters.

The Zen Lounge

The Zen Lounge is a tea room, cocktail lounge and chillout area rolled into one. Nestled in a corner of The Hive, offering plush cushions and shade, featuring a fusion of Reggae, Downtempo and Electronica music and in perfect view of the The Core Stage, it is a place of convergence of weary bodies, open hearts and creative minds, all day till late.

Artisan Market

Also new for Sunscape 2017, nestled within The Hive, we find a new Artisan Market with its mixture of ethnic and eclectic artisan goods and unique handmade items. You can also learn from our select new-wave vendors by observing how the items are made.

Food Market

Nourish your body and mind with a selection of delicious soul food. From refreshing fruit smoothies to chunky Portobello burgers, all bursting with delicious ingredients, we guarantee this nosh will hit the spot, whether you’re into healthy food or not.

Solar Market

Located between the two main festival areas, the Solar Market is open to Sunscapers and also the general public. A sunny and colourful market offering a wide variety of items, from ethnic clothing and jewellery to eclectic home decor, the Solar Market is an experience in its own right.

Satori Fields

A giant sunflower field is the extraordinary setting for the Satori Healing Fields at Sunscape. Located a little off from the main festival area, closer to the camping area, the Satori Healing Fields offer an ideal retreat into holistic healing and wellbeing. Here you can indulge in a selection of therapies, engage with stalls promoting worthy causes and participate in a variety of free and premium workshops.

Ramla Beach

The stunning location for Sunscape Festival is “Ir-Ramla il-Ħamra”, or “the beach of red sands”. The beach looks even more impressive against the crystal clear blue-green sea and the green fertile valley leading down to the bay. The entire area and the sand dunes are protected by Natura 2000.

Ramla bay is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maltese Islands, ideal for sunbathing, swimming, beach-volley and water sports. Workshops in surfboard yoga and freediving will also be held as part of the Sunscape programme.

Music Programme

Choose the sound of your adventure with this day-by-day music programme or download the official Sunscape Festival app to stay up to date with all the info in your pocket.

Sunscape will feature 60 acts across 3 music stages and 1 performing arts stage over the weekend of 7-9 July. Pre-Sale Weekend tickets starting from just €45 and day tickets from €25. Buy Now.

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