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By becoming a participant and ticket holder you become an ambassador for our environmental policy, the below agreements are to be fully respected:

– Packaging should be reduced at source. Ideally do not bring products with packaging, but if you do discard all packaging BEFORE arriving on site, the waste you bring in, you will need to dispose of according to our waste management scheme or pack out.

– You are encouraged to “bring your own container” for food and drinks. The vendors will serve you into your own drinking bottle/cooler/bowl/plate! You are responsible for the cleaning of these items throughout the festival!

– A solid waste management scheme is set up to deal with the resources that are used on the site, recycling, metals and composting bins will be present throughout the festival. Please help us ensure that we divert as much waste as possible from landfill, Malta is a small island. Any questions on what bin to use please ask our Susty Crew, they are there to help!

– No disposables are to be brought in from outside sources. This includes: plastic and paper cups/plates and cartons, cutlery etc…

– Metal cans are permitted. Plastic or glass bottles are not permitted to be brought on site.

– All food waste must be composted and added to the compost bins provided, this is a natural resource and the fertiliser will be used post festival to grow local organic vegetables.

– Water management is key at Sunscape. Any wastewater from dish washing or other used water must be kept in containers and deposited directly into the sewerage systems on site. Do not pour any wastewater directly on to the land as any contaminants have a big effect on the limited water source here and run off leads directly to the sea.

– The showers and toilets on site are for public use but please be mindful of your time using these and help us minimise our water usage.

– Additional blue chemical toilets are utilising a biodegradable eco friendly system. Please do not add in any non biodegradable liquids or cleaners or the system will not be able to do its job!

– All cleaning or washing products you use on site must be biodegradable. Suppliers of these products are available via the Susty Crew or there will be a stall you can buy them from on site.

– Sunscape operates a “Leave No Trace” philosophy. You are responsible for cleaning your camp site after the festival and for ensuring any waste is disposed off in the correct bin/system!

– No unauthorized vehicle transportation is allowed on site during the festival. Please walk, cycle, skip or dance through the festival!

– You are encouraged to educate yourself and others with the alternative sustainable systems that will be throughout the festival site.

Enjoy being a sustainability ambassador and get to know our Susty Crew!

Thank you for your cooperation! Your planet is grateful.

General Info
What are the festival dates?

The festival starts on Friday 7th July 2017. The last main festival day is Sunday the 9th of July; the event will run into the morning of the 10th until around 4am.

What are the festival times?

There are festival events running from each morning until the early hours of the next day. Full details of the programme and times will be released in advance of the festival. Keep an eye out for emails and Facebook updates. To not miss a thing, sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of this page!

Where can I find full set-times?

We’ll keep the website updated with all line up announcements and day by day breakdowns will be available with full set times in the programme. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.

Can I go in and out of the festival site every night?

Yes, with your wristband you can go to and from the festival site and in to each area as much as you like. The Camping Area requires an additional wristband.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Wristbands will only be issued once and broken / lost wristbands will not be replaced. Please look after them!

Where is the festival site?

The festival will be held at fields on the perimeter of Ramla Bay.

How much are tickets?

Weekend tickets are available from €45 plus booking fee. Day tickets and Camping tickets are available for €25 plus booking fee. More information here

Can I sell my ticket?

Unfortunately all tickets are non-transferable and we are unable to offer any refunds for tickets no longer needed.

What age do I have to be?

Sunscape Festival is a 17+ only event and you will need ID to prove your age to guarantee entry. However Satori Fields across the road from the main festival is available for free to to under 17 as well.

What do I need to bring to guarantee entry?

Please bring your ticket and valid photo ID.

Disabled Access
We want Sunscape to be an event that everyone can enjoy so we try our best to make the site as accessible as we can. Although most of the ground is flat some areas are in their natural state so might be difficult to access. Just as we prepare for all conditions we do ask that you do to. So please consider the ground conditions when deciding what facilities you may need and what equipment you need to bring. We ask that anyone requiring access to any of the disabled facilities onsite registers with us in advance of the festival. Please do so by filling in the contact form in this site. Please Note: The disabled access facilities are for festival goers with permanent disabilities, so broken legs, recent injuries or pregnant women do not qualify.
Local Info
How hot is it in Malta?

The average temperature on the island is 27 degrees in July, while the sea temperature is 26 degree so should be perfect weather!

Where are the best areas to stay?

If you do not opt for the camp site or the sailing boats anchored in the bay, there are a number of hotels, guesthouses and apartments across the island of Gozo. However the festival shuttle service will only Marsalforn, Xwejni, Xlendi, Xaghra and Nadur – we would therefore recommend being as close to this part of the island as possible. For Shuttle passes go here.

Where is the festival site?

The festival is located at Ramla Bay on the island of Gozo which is accessible by a 20 minute ferry from the main island of Malta

Can we walk from nearby towns to the festival?

We wouldn’t recommend attempting to walk to the festival. There will be a festival shuttle service in operation 3 times a day from Marsalforn, Xlendi, Xwejni, Xaghra & Nadur to and from the festival site.

What is the time difference?

Malta is one hour ahead of the UK (GMT) – midday in Malta is 11am in the UK.

Are there cash machines on site?

There are no cash machines on site. However there are many across the island of Gozo where you can withdraw Euros as well as Bureaux de Change in some hotels. There are cash machines at the ferry terminals in Gozo and at the nearby villages of Xaghra and Marsalforn.

What currency is used in Malta?

The official Maltese currency is the Euro.