Environmental Policy

By becoming a participant and ticket holder you become an ambassador for our environmental policy, the below agreements are to be fully respected:

– Packaging should be reduced at source. Ideally do not bring products with packaging, but if you do discard all packaging BEFORE arriving on site, the waste you bring in, you will need to dispose of according to our waste management scheme or pack out.

– You are encouraged to “bring your own container” for food and drinks. The vendors will serve you into your own drinking bottle/cooler/bowl/plate! You are responsible for the cleaning of these items throughout the festival!

– A solid waste management scheme is set up to deal with the resources that are used on the site, recycling, metals and composting bins will be present throughout the festival. Please help us ensure that we divert as much waste as possible from landfill, Malta is a small island. Any questions on what bin to use please ask our Susty Crew, they are there to help!

– No disposables are to be brought in from outside sources. This includes: plastic and paper cups/plates and cartons, cutlery etc…

– Metal cans are permitted. Plastic or glass bottles are not permitted to be brought on site.

– All food waste must be composted and added to the compost bins provided, this is a natural resource and the fertiliser will be used post festival to grow local organic vegetables.

– Water management is key at Sunscape. Any wastewater from dish washing or other used water must be kept in containers and deposited directly into the sewerage systems on site. Do not pour any wastewater directly on to the land as any contaminants have a big effect on the limited water source here and run off leads directly to the sea.

– The showers and toilets on site are for public use but please be mindful of your time using these and help us minimise our water usage.

– Additional blue chemical toilets are utilising a biodegradable eco friendly system. Please do not add in any non biodegradable liquids or cleaners or the system will not be able to do its job!

– All cleaning or washing products you use on site must be biodegradable. Suppliers of these products are available via the Susty Crew or there will be a stall you can buy them from on site.

– Sunscape operates a “Leave No Trace” philosophy. You are responsible for cleaning your camp site after the festival and for ensuring any waste is disposed off in the correct bin/system!

– No unauthorized vehicle transportation is allowed on site during the festival. Please walk, cycle, skip or dance through the festival!

– You are encouraged to educate yourself and others with the alternative sustainable systems that will be throughout the festival site. Enjoy being a sustainability ambassador and get to know our Susty Crew!

Thank you for your cooperation! Your planet is grateful.