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Heal, Learn and Play at the Satori Healing Fields

 “We want to inspire you to imagine the world you can create if you break free from the limiting constraints of your mind and invest time in self-care and healing. Our vision is to inspire you to leave fear behind and live your life in an extraordinary way, by opening your heart and mind to new ways of thinking and being for the enhancement of mind, body and soul and the transformation of the planet,” says Dorota Los about the Satori Healing Fields at Sunscape this year.

Dorota is the coordinator of Sunscape festival’s healing fields, which are being organised in collaboration between the Satori Centre and her Pachamama studio in Gozo.

“We have woven the theme of ‘Atlantis Calling’ into the heart of this year’s festival with a variety of workshops, talks, ceremonies and other activities to promote deep healing and transformation.”

Workshops come in various themes within that concept. For example, you may find creativity workshops such as those on mandala making and dance; educational workshops ranging from Tantra and medicinal plants to the temples of Malta and the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar; self-mastery workshops such as those on breathing, Mindfulness, Yoga and Qi Gong; earth-loving workshops such as those on social permaculture and deep ecology; and playful workshops such as those on Capoeira and Acro-Yoga. Prepare also to experience the healing effects of sound healing, the cacao ceremony and the Vedic agnihotra havan.

Most of the workshops are free, although a donation would be much appreciated as a token of gratitude. Premium workshops are limited to 10-12 persons and come at a price, which varies from workshop to workshop.

The healing area is located in an idyllic field a little removed from the rest of the festival, promising a peaceful haven. It will be further subdivided into a therapies space, the tipi for premium workshops and a dome for the free workshops. In addition, there is a space allocated to aerial and acro yoga, a relax area and a kids corner. Furthermore, some of the sessions, such as some yoga, will be held on the beach.

The various areas allow for various workshops to be happening simultaneously, but generally the workshops run one after the other. Please refer to the programme for a full list of workshops being held in the different spaces.

The workshops, start on Friday with an opening ceremony at 2pm and the last workshop ends at 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the workshops run from 8am until 10pm. To participate, simply show up. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the Premium workshops.

“Our mission is to inspire your imagination and build awareness for healing and transformation on both a personal and planetary level, not forgetting our beautiful island: Gozo.”

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Get your FREE ticket to Sunscape Festival!

Pre-sale weekend tickets for Sunscape festival start from €45 and day tickets from €25, but there are also several free tickets available! Keep reading to find out how you can get yours.

Come Friday, 7th July 2017, Gozo’s Ramla Bay will welcome thousands of people flocking in to enjoy three days of Sunscape Festival, which will officially end at around 2 am on Monday 10th July. Sunscape will feature sixty acts across three music stages and one performing arts stage, as well as providing several other areas for meeting, entertainment, artisan and food markets, workshops and healing therapies. Discover Sunscape festival here.

Pre-Sale tickets are available online and this includes opting in for FREE TICKETS! Let us explain.

Regular tickets

Individuals can purchase regular tickets online at the reduced pre-sale price of €45 for a weekend pass (Friday to Sunday) or €25 per day pass on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Sunday Tickets even include 10 Euros worth drink tokens! Buy Now.

Camping passes

Those wishing to stay within the festival environment for the entire weekend can camp onsite in the newly fully shaded camping area. Camping passes for the weekend (Thursday to Monday) purchased as an add-on cost €20 euro per person. However, weekend camping tickets that include the festival pass and camping pass cost just €60 per person. Buy Now.

Group tickets – claim your free ticket!

Chances are you will be attending the festival with friends, so many of you have the opportunity to claim free tickets for booking together. The deal is you buy 4 and get 1 free! Groups can choose between the day pass on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, a weekend festival pass or a weekend camping ticket that includes the festival pass and camping pass.

Simply choose your ticket type and share the link with your friends – tickets are bought, issued and distributed separately to keep it super simple! When four tickets have been purchased within a stipulated timeframe, a complimentary e-ticket is emailed in the name of the person who set up the group. Get organised with your friends and save! Buy Now.

Pre-pitched tents for hire

Arrive at the festival and simply move in for the weekend! A pre-pitched 2-person tent costs €100 and a 3-person tent costs €120 euro to hire Thursday to Monday, festival pass and camping pass not included. A refundable deposit of €50 against damages is required upon accessing your tent. Buy Now.

Other services

We also have some other deals to help you make the most of your festival experience. For example, a shuttle service to and from your accommodation and booze bags are also available by pre-order. Shuttles run to and from pre-specified Gozo villages on a timetable, starting from €25 for the weekend. Booze bags, which include reduced price drinks tokens, start from €45 per day and €130 for the weekend.

Ticket Outlets / Runners

In an effort to go completely paperless, we are using a fully digital system available at each of our ticket outlets and runners. It is very simple. You provide your name, mobile number, email and pay in cash. You then instantly receive ticket by email and by sms. A small number of printed tickets are also available from certain outlets. Get your physical tickets from these locations:


Gozo Outlets
New York Best SliemaSliemaMichelle’s HairdressingVictoria
Dr.Juice SliemaSpinola, SliemaMojosVictoria
Grannys InnSliemaUnwined Marsalforn
Dr. JuiceBugibbaScuba KingsMarsalforn
New York Best MsidaMsidaZeppi’sQala
Juuls BarSt.JuliansMr.SignsVictoria
ZionMarsaskalaCornucopia HotelXaghra
St.Patricks HotelXlendi

Buy now!

Buy tickets online now! Don’t have to pay more at the door! You know you don’t want to miss out on the Sunscape experience anyway.

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Line Up: 2017 Main Release – Over 60 Artists – Choose the sound of your Adventure

Its a pleasure to reveal the main release of artists for 2017. Choose the sound of your Adventure. Book your accommodation and secure your tickets now. Sunscape is round the corner.

ABOUT SUNSCAPE 2017 Experience three days and nights of partying and performance at Europe’s most-intimate island festival on the beach. A beautiful fusion of musical genres, art in all its forms and eclectic, exotic lifestyle activities to nourish the body, mind and soul.  Much more than simply a music festival, Sunscape festival-goers can experience art in all its forms, various forms of yoga (including surfboard yoga), slacklining transformational workshops, massage and much, much more. With Weekend Tickets starting from just €45!! Sunscape will feature 60 acts across 3 stages  and 1 performing arts stage over the weekend of 7-9 July. Buy Tickets here .

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Four Ways To Build A Mobile Application

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Be daring. Don’t be afraid to fail

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all men count with you, but none too much; if you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run – yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and – which is more – you’ll be a man my son!

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