Heal, Learn and Play at the Satori Healing Fields
05 Jul 2017

Heal, Learn and Play at the Satori Healing Fields

05 Jul 2017

 “We want to inspire you to imagine the world you can create if you break free from the limiting constraints of your mind and invest time in self-care and healing. Our vision is to inspire you to leave fear behind and live your life in an extraordinary way, by opening your heart and mind to new ways of thinking and being for the enhancement of mind, body and soul and the transformation of the planet,” says Dorota Los about the Satori Healing Fields at Sunscape this year.

Dorota is the coordinator of Sunscape festival’s healing fields, which are being organised in collaboration between the Satori Centre and her Pachamama studio in Gozo.

“We have woven the theme of ‘Atlantis Calling’ into the heart of this year’s festival with a variety of workshops, talks, ceremonies and other activities to promote deep healing and transformation.”

Workshops come in various themes within that concept. For example, you may find creativity workshops such as those on mandala making and dance; educational workshops ranging from Tantra and medicinal plants to the temples of Malta and the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar; self-mastery workshops such as those on breathing, Mindfulness, Yoga and Qi Gong; earth-loving workshops such as those on social permaculture and deep ecology; and playful workshops such as those on Capoeira and Acro-Yoga. Prepare also to experience the healing effects of sound healing, the cacao ceremony and the Vedic agnihotra havan.

Most of the workshops are free, although a donation would be much appreciated as a token of gratitude. Premium workshops are limited to 10-12 persons and come at a price, which varies from workshop to workshop.

The healing area is located in an idyllic field a little removed from the rest of the festival, promising a peaceful haven. It will be further subdivided into a therapies space, the tipi for premium workshops and a dome for the free workshops. In addition, there is a space allocated to aerial and acro yoga, a relax area and a kids corner. Furthermore, some of the sessions, such as some yoga, will be held on the beach.

The various areas allow for various workshops to be happening simultaneously, but generally the workshops run one after the other. Please refer to the programme for a full list of workshops being held in the different spaces.

The workshops, start on Friday with an opening ceremony at 2pm and the last workshop ends at 9pm. On Saturday and Sunday, the workshops run from 8am until 10pm. To participate, simply show up. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the Premium workshops.

“Our mission is to inspire your imagination and build awareness for healing and transformation on both a personal and planetary level, not forgetting our beautiful island: Gozo.”

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