Visual & Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts

Sunscape is a platform for art in all its forms. We believe our lives are art forms and what we create are expressions of this art form. Sharing it is the purest gift we can give this world. Together with our audience we love discovering new artists and supporting them as much as we can. Become part of our growing international family.

Sunscape is made up of a main artistic theme and sub themes for the main festival areas, themed and decorated individually and holistically by our team of artists and creators. Scroll down to know more about our artistic vision.

For Visual Arts /  Installations, please apply here.

For Performing Arts, Musicians, Acrobats  please apply here.

The Main Artistic Theme for Sunscape is:

Atlantis Calling

The mythical land of Atlantis is calling those that forget enough to remember and come together once again to celebrate its glory.

Artistic sub theme for each area:


The way we choose to creatively view, understand and participate within the world is our own personal reflection and exploration of our identity within, similarly to how we assess ourselves in a mirror.

– Designed to trigger and alter the original perception of the viewer to stimulate and develop further thought to something originally believed and affirmed

– “mirror provides mankind with the means to know itself” – Jacques Lacan

– Through the looking glass


Creation through the spiralling movement of the universe. Natural perfection and bio-mimicing through Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Sequence

The Big Bang

In the beginning there was pure creative potential. Then came the Event from which stars are made of. An interconnected weave of evolution through a universe seeking to balance itself through us.

The Hive

The world within you. Enter your profundity. An insight into experiencing the world within ourselves. Down the rabbit hole into our Microcosm of non duality. Imagination and optical illusions.

– Imagination

– Optical Illusions

– As above so below

– Down the rabbit hole